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Monique Perrault
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Following graduation from the school of Fine Arts in Montreal in the late 1960’s, Monique taught art at the high school level. At that time Monique’s art was exhibited in galleries in Quebec and Oxford, England.

In 1987, Monique found herself attracted to the healing arts and immediately felt a familiarity, a curiosity and a thirst for more knowledge in this subject. In pursuit of this knowledge, her studies included different massage techniques, holistic nutrition, shamanism, and different approaches involving the subtle bodies and subtle energies. Early in this quest Monique discovered her affinity to the more subtle energies and an ability to feel them. She became a Reiki Master as well and has internalized these modalities. Monique continues to discover and evolve in her craft, allowing herself to be fully receptive and accepting of the help she receives from her higher self and from multidimensional guides and masters. Monique works with many different healing masters who come to her as a group consciousness. The participating master healers vary depending on the person receiving. Monique welcomes the masters that come through and informs the client who is present to assist in the healing. The amount of energy received during a session is based upon the soul’s need and capacity to receive at that moment.

Blessings to you on your journey of self discovery.

Monique Perrault



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